Upcoming Events at The Pond

Open Jam every Mon @ 8pm. Karaoke every Thur @ 10:30pm
Fri Aug 18 – The Creeping Cruds – The Mighty Jabronis – Silent Monolith
Tue Aug 22 – Funny Friends Presented by Brad Sativa
Wen Aug 23 – Vagittarius
Fri Aug 25 – Danny Trashville
Sat Aug 26 – Like It Is
Sat Sep 2 – Ryan Rooster
Fri Sep 8 – The Punknecks
Sat Sep 9 – Post
Sat Sep 16 – Angry Planet
Fri Sep 22 – Bring Your Own Vinyl Night Weekend Edition
Sat Sep 23 – Dead Martinis, Juke Skywalker, & Father Cario
Fri Sep 29 – The Cosmic Collective
Sat Sep 30 – Screaming Names & Shuckster
Fri Oct 6 – Post
Fri Oct 13 – Crud the 13th
Sat Oct 14 – Screaming Names
Fri Oct 20 – Cosmic Collective
Sat Oct 21 – The Watts
Fri Nov 3 – TGTG & Molly’s BackBone
Sat Nov 4 – Post
Sun Nov 26 – The Pond Gives Blood

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Now on tap: Yee Haw Octoberfest

Now on tap: Yee Haw Octoberfest

A traditional, malty German amber lager, our Märzen Oktoberfest is one seasonal you won’t want to miss. Munich malt is at the heart of this beer. You’ll enjoy clean, rich and toasty flavors without sweetness thanks to an ever so slight hop bitterness.

BEER TYPE – Märzen Oktoberfest

IBUS – 18-24 IBUs

ABV – 5.7%

Johnson City, TN USA 

Come have a drink with us!